Thursday, 18 April 2013

Music for May

Sunday May 5th
anthem: O, Holy Jesu - White
offering voluntary: Prelude in G major opus 37 Mendessohn
final voluntary: Fugue in G major opus 37 - Mendelssohn
Sunday May 12th
anthem: Good Christian Men, rejoice and Sing - Ernest Bullock
offering voluntary: Andante from Piano Concerto no 21 - Mozart
final voluntary: "Giant" Fugue in D minor BWV 680 - J.S.Bach
Sunday May 19th - Pentecost
anthem: Litany of the Holy Spirit - Peter Hurford
offering voluntary: "Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier" BWV 633
final voluntary: Fantasia super "Komm, Heilger Geist, Herr Gott" BWV 651 - J.S.Bach
Sunday May 26th - Trinity Sunday
anthem: Holy, holy, holy - Schubert
offering voluntary: Romance - Shostakovich
final voluntary: La Réjouissance - Handel

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